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Who is Practical Plans online estate planningWho We Are

Video with Mark Powell from Practical Plans of California

California estate planning attorney Mark Powell wants everyone to be able to make important legal decisions about their health, their families and assets.

So Mark created Practical Plans.

Practical Plans is an online resource where you can learn about estate planning and the decisions you need to make. Then you can create your estate planning right here on our website. We have simplified the process to make it affordable and convenient. Practical Plans will help you take control and secure the future for your loved ones.

Why are trusts important. Why Plans Matter

Why is it important to have a plan with a trust?

In California, you have three choices:

1Have no Plan. After your death, a judge takes control of your assets and decides how to distribute them. This process can take 18 months and costs between 4%-6% of the full market value of your assets.

2Make a Will. You decide who receives your assets but they still go through the same slow and expensive court process as a person without a trust.

3Create a Trust. You decide who receives your assets and you avoid the cost and expense of Probate Court.

Video about why trusts matter

Practical Plans process for Estate PlanningHow It Works

What is Practical Plans?

What is Practical Plans Video

Practical Plans provides an online resource where you can learn about estate planning and the decisions you need to make. We provide information to frequently asked questions about the estate planning process, trusts, choosing guardians and more. We also give you, we give you the means to actually build high quality estate planning documents in a convenient, simple and affordable way.

A Simple, Solid Plan

How Estate Plans Work Video

How can your estate plan be built in less than 30 mins?

For most people the plan is simple. Take care of my spouse or partner and kids (if I have any). Then take care of the rest of my family and the organizations I care about.

What do I get?

The 5 documents video

Your estate plan will include:

  1. Trust
  2. Pour Over Will
  3. Health Care Directive
  4. Power of Attorney Designation
  5. Nomination of Guardians (If appropriate)
  6. A Deed of Transfer for one California property

What is a health care directive?

Advanced Health Care Directive Video

A healthcare directive includes your instructions concerning medical treatment and end of life issues.

How can a trust protect my kids?

How can a trust protect my kids video

The assets you leave to your kids through your trust will be available to cover all of their living expenses. Until they are old enough to manage the assets on their own, someone else will do it for them. Your trust will protect their inheritances if they get divorced, get sued or declare bankruptcy.

What roles do I need to fill in my plan?

Choosing the roles video

When you build your estate plan, you will decide who will manage your financial assets and make healthcare decisions if you are unable.

If you have children under the age of 18, you will choose a guardian for them.

Who will manage my assets?

Choosing a trustee video

One of the important decisions you will make when planning your estate is choosing a person to carry out your instructions regarding your assets.

Who will take care of my kids?

Choosing a guardian video

A guardian will raise your kids if you pass before they are 18 years old.

Choosing a guardian is an important decision, but it does not need to be a difficult choice.

Practical Plans PricingThe Pricing

How much does estate planning cost?

How much does an estate plan cost?

A Practical Plans estate plan is only $1,250.

This fee includes a trust, pour over will, health care directive, power of attorney designation, guardian designation for your kids (if necessary) and the deed of transfer of one piece of California real estate.

Additional California properties will cost an additional $200 to transfer into your trust.

Compare Estate Planning Costs

How does our pricing compare?

Our fees are 50 – 75% less than the average law firm. The big difference between Practical Plans and other online estate planning services is that your documents are reviewed by our attorneys and you have access to them to answer your questions.

Save Time and Money with Practical Plans Estate Planning

How do we save you time and money?

We use technology to produce your documents from the information you enter. This means you are not paying for a high end office or expensive staff. But you still have access to industry leading attorneys.

Prepare for Estate Planning with Practical Plans in CaliforniaGetting Ready Is Easy

Just Gather This Simple Information And You Are Ready To Go:


Gather the full legal names and dates of birth for these people:

a. Yourself

b. Your spouse or partner

c. Your children


Gather the full legal names and addresses for these people:

a. The people you want to name to carry out your estate plan.

b. The people you want to manage your finances.

c. The people you want to carry out your health care directive.

d. The people you want to raise your under age children.


If you want to make specific cash gifts to anyone, gather this information:

a. The full legal name of each person.

b. The formal name of each organization.

c. The amount you want to give to each person or organization.

Now is the time to make a plan. Protect your assets and secure the future for you and those you love.

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